SKM Motorcycles

Full Range of Genuine SKM and Hero Spares


Zimbabwe’s home to SKM & Hero motorcycles for 10 years

Reliability & Strength

Fully stocked, genuine and guaranteed spare parts. All spares are of the utmost superior quality and aligned to all certifications required by the consignment based conformity assessment.

Guaranteed Quality

With a decade of excellence and service, At SKM we are not simply bikes. We strive to provide the best customer experience and unparalleled reliability.

Availability of Universal Spares

As we strive to accommodate all our customers needs, we also stock a variety of universal spares for your custom and convenience.

Knowledge & Experience

As we service and repair all brands of motorcycles. Our vast understanding is a testimony to our prominence in the market.

Quick Friendly Service

Customer retention is key. We are grateful to all our loyal customers and will continue to provide the best service, attention to detail and necessary standards or workmanship.


Spares Sales
+263 772 680 049


Parts Manager
+263 779 604 923


SKM MOTORCYCLES is the sole distributor of HERO Motorcycles in Zimbabwe.


SKM Motorcycles boasts a decade of experience in the provision of quality motorcycle servicing. It has an incredible team of skilled and well-trained mechanics and spares specialists. Every bike is handled with the utmost care and expertise.

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SKM MOTORCYCLES is the sole distributor of HERO Motorcycles in Zimbabwe.